Why You Might Need Extra HR Support, Post Covid-19

June 19, 2020

While none of us can yet predict what the full impact of Covid-19 will be upon our country by the time the infection rate is under control, its initial impact has been profoundly harmful to our economy, employment rates and the way in which people carry out their work. What is certain, is that working worlds may never return to how they were before the global pandemic sent the world into lockdown.


So, how has Covid-19 affected the role of HR within companies?


Human resources and Covid-19:

Many companies have been looking to their HR departments to take the lead when it comes to communicating information about the virus to their workforce, in a manner that causes the least harm to morale. As well as this, HR professionals have been trying to manage and execute myriad business decisions, each of which has the potential to significantly impact upon the workforce, such as mandatory vacations, reductions in labor and travel restrictions. They have also been required to implement federal government and state decisions, like the programs and policies within the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), business closure regulations and public safety stay-at-home orders.


HR teams must also uphold corporate policies and procedures designed to ensure the health and safety of employee, such as social distancing measures, while keeping the business running as normally as possible.


Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, HR teams have been ensuring that legal changes to time, vacation and pay have been upheld, which involves making technical changes in the appropriate systems.


Even as business begins to return to normal, the role of the HR team has never been more important, as they will be required to continue monitoring, studying and implementing local and national regulations, especially if the situation continues its’ current trajectory, or if governments put other programs into force.


Mass hiring is predicted to become an issue as the pandemic eases, and HR leaders will need to make sure that recruiting teams and the relevant systems are ready.


Does your business need extra HR support?

Having talked about just how complex and important HR’s role is in the working world, it’s easy to predict that some smaller companies may become bogged down in rules and regulations while the pandemic continues, and even when it finally ends. If you’re already struggling to keep up with the demands, then things may only get tougher, and it might be the right time to seek additional HR support. Outsourcing HR is so simple and effective, that many businesses ask themselves why they didn’t consider it before, and if you want your company to continue to thrive post Covid-19, you should certainly give it some consideration.


For more detailed advice, guidance and support about any HR related issues, talk to a HR professional today.

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