How To Stay Up-To-Date With Payroll Laws & Regulations

December 27, 2020

Keeping up to date on federal and state policy issues and laws with respect to Human Resources and payroll, is a constant, ongoing task for HR professionals, and many small businesses outsource this element of their operations to ensure that they’re always compliant.

With laws and policies changing frequently, not to mention varying from state to state, having a team of HR professionals working hard for your business, is often the most effective solution. However, should you choose not to outsource your HR needs, and have your own payroll professional or manager, the following advice, guidance and resources can help them stay up-to-date with payroll laws and regulations:

Subscribe to the Society for Human Resources Management Services:
For legislative updates, this is a great resource, but you’ll need to become a member to receive them. You can read some free content, but by registering with them, you’ll receive the most important articles and policy samples.

Get a contract with an employment law attorney:
With changes to the Affordable Care Act and new best practices for returning to work during a global pandemic, now is an important time to connect with an employment law attorney.

Sign up for government publications from relevant departments:
Every state has an organization that deals with its specific, state applicable employment laws and regulations, and subscribing to receive email updates is a great way of staying in the know.

Resources for public sector employment:
Currently, there isn’t a central resource that allows you to check the regulations of each state, so if you’re looking for HR laws and regulation updates for your specific state, you’ll need to contact your equivalent of a labor department.

Work with dedicated HR professionals:
While the above guidance is certainly useful for part time HR employees or managers of a small business, the most effective way to ensure that you comply with all HR related laws and regulations, and at all times, is to hire the services of an online payroll provider. With an entire team of HR professionals working for you, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that every time a law or rule is changed, created or updated, you’ll be compliant with it.

Even if you only have a small business with a small number of employees, it’s imperative that you keep on top of the laws surrounding payroll, and when you outsource your HR requirements, you won’t even have to think about ever changing laws; they’ll take care of it all for you.

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