HR Trends to Watch Out For

August 20, 2020

The scope of human resources has altered greatly in recent years, expanding and evolving alongside changes to functionality in organizations, team management and employee expectations related to work. Now, more than ¾ way through 2020, several trends have been appearing in HR that look set to transform the workforce and the workplace for the future:


Decision making that utilizes people analytics

Utilizing a data-driven approach to people analytics enables employers to uncover valuable insights related to employee performance and satisfaction, along with what influences their productivity and motivation.


Making the applicant experience better

All companies can benefit from hiring new talent whenever needed, but if the application process is longwinded and/or complicated, companies might miss out on bringing them into their team. treamlining the application process however, and making it more efficient for HR and applicants, can be vital for helping companies find and take on, fresh, new talent.


Shifting the focus to employer branding

The modern labor market is a highly competitive one, and encouraging new hires to join a company can be incredibly challenging. However, shift your focus to what sets your organization apart from others, gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and attract new recruits
and clients.


Addressing unhealthy workplace cultures

As an organization, shift the focus to what its core values are and ensure that employees have a positive experience each time they come to work. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but a great place to start is by enforcing policies related to workplace conduct that respect people’s need to be able to balance life with work.


Encouraging team growth by investing in upskilling

A successful company is usually one that embraces new technologies and innovations, and actively encourages (if not, mandates) all employees to upgrade their skills.


Offering holistic health packages

Stress in the workplace (that often seeps into home life, too), has a direct influence upon the overall wellbeing of employees, and those companies that invest in holistic health activities designed to help reduce stress levels, should find that their employees are more productive at work.


Offering employees flexible workplaces

A huge focus of many companies in recent months, allowing staff to customize their work environments to suit how they prefer to work, has proven to boost employee productivity significantly and enables offices to evolve beyond being merely physical spaces in a building.


If you feel that your company might benefit from some of these trends, consider outsourcing HR to give your organization access to many more modern innovations, labor saving initiatives and employee productivity improvements.

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