Explaining Integrated Benefits For Small Businesses

February 20, 2020

Controlling rising healthcare costs and improving the overall standard of care that your employees receive, is only possible if you understand and manage the whole health experience. Having one carrier provide you with benefits for medical, behavioural, stop-loss and pharmacy, can give you a much more integrated view and help you to manage a successful health care program.

Why integrated benefits are good for everyone:

The entire healthcare experience is made much simpler when it’s integrated, meaning that as an employer, you save time, effort and a lot of costs. All data can be kept in-house, which minimizes online sharing, and employees can better manage their own health through whole-person health engagement, around the clock coaching and support.

Perhaps most importantly for your businesses bottom line, a single carrier giving you the whole healthcare package in one, can save you a whole lot of money.

Isn’t it cheaper to shop around for benefits?

With integrated coverage, you’ve simply got no need to shop around, and all those hours spent comparing prices and packages can be put to better use. Easier all round, integrated coverage gives customer service that is easy to deal with because you don’t have to call each different provider every time you have a problem or query, and one coach or pharmacist to talk to about conditions and costs. With one website, one ID card, you get the picture! Transactions are also paid, categorized and reported quicker because the whole system is connected, and an integrated solution means that you no longer face a large cash pay out for claims while you wait for reimbursement from a separate stop-loss policy.

If a claim needs to be adjusted, it can happen a lot more easily with the streamlined process, and reporting is made easier with an integrated solution, right from ER visits to the cost of specialized drugs.

Isn’t it true that stand-alone sellers are better at engaging with clients?

The data achieved from whole-person health helps physicians and gives them more tools to address the overall health of each of their patients/clients. When the patient calls with a routine pharmaceutical query, they are instantly connected to a health coach who can provide them with tailored advice and help them to make savings on their medical bills.

If you would like to know more about the integrated benefits system, then find a local, trusted professional company who specialize in small business payroll solutions, and talk to them about your options.

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