Employer Provided Health Care And Our Economic Recovery

April 18, 2020

The magnitude of the current health crisis is beyond anything we have seen previously in our lifetime, and the impact it’s having upon so many of us, is truly unprecedented. While many struggle simply to meet their daily survival needs, others are looking to the future and wondering where it will take them, and what the long-term effects of such a pandemic will have upon them and their loved ones.


Fortunately, individuals, communities, schools, health professionals and even health insurance providers are uniting to help overcome collective problems caused by the crisis. Covid-19 has seen many people facing unexpected health care costs, and insurance providers are doing their best to protect as many of their customers as they can. However, help from Congress and the Administration is vital at such a time, and while it’s important that they continue to defend jobs, they must also take steps to defend those businesses providing health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of American citizens.


Giving individuals and families affordable access to healthcare, and effective ways to improve their health and financial security can only be made possible through healthcare coverage. Small, medium and large businesses provide their employees with critical coverage for them and their loved ones and give them peace of mind when times are tough, just as they are now. The protection that employer-provided coverage gives their employees cannot be underestimated, and it should be remembered that this also goes a long way towards helping the economy to thrive and be as healthy as it can be.


As a nation, we are far more productive when we have jobs that pay us fairly, and give us access to healthcare benefits, and that’s a simple truth. So, it makes sense that when businesses are still able to offer such benefits to their employees - through additional assistance from Congress and the Administration – those who remain in work will continue to be productive and remain loyal to their employers. Naturally, once this crisis is over or has reached a stage when those businesses that were forced to close, can gradually reopen, employers will find it easier to attract new workers and/or retain their current workforce if they’re able to offer them attractive healthcare insurance packages.


For more information about healthcare coverage for the employees of your business - whether existing workers or fresh intake - don’t wait until the pandemic is over, reach out to a healthcare provider today; the success of your business and that of the country’s economy, could depend on it.

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