Effective Time Management In The Workplace

April 10, 2019

Time management in the workplace is imperative, and when it is not managed effectively, it can have disastrous effects on a company. From negative employee morale, labor law compliance and payroll processing efficiencies to employee productivity, poor time management is bad news for business and can hold back company growth and profits.

Fully integrated time-tracking and management systems can make payroll processing and human resource management systems much more effective, and have several areas of functionality:

  • Time and Attendance

The accurate processing of payroll, HR management and even company profits can all be negatively impacted by how employee working time is tracked. With a modern time- management system in place, payroll will be streamlined, HR management will have access to the data that they need, and company profits can be increased by showing employers why and where their employees are not working effectively.

Modern time and attendance tracking systems combine advanced software with time collection devices and can be integrated fully with payroll processing and HR management systems.

  • Managing labor

The data collected by a time-tracking system will provide employers with the information they need to help them better manage their workforce and their business.

A tool for the requesting of paid leave

This tool is fantastic for enabling employers to communicate with their staff regarding the approval of paid leave, and includes a calendar showing when scheduled leave will be occurring that can be viewed by the entire company.

Job costing

Time tracking systems can even help employers to manage the cost of multiple jobs, products or projects, and across multiple locations and departments.

Points tracking system

Employers and their managers can identify attendance trends, whether they are positive or negative.

Backup managers

Temporary managers can quickly and easily be assigned to manage attendance when necessary with this tool.

Exception tracking

Lateness and other infractions can be tracked by way of a color coded report with this tracking system.

  • Managing paid leave

Your employees are entitled to paid time off, but are they taking their full entitlement, not taking enough or taking more than they are permitted? Tracking paid leave within a HR department can be tricky, and many factors can affect whether they are sure that paid leave is being taken in accordance of company policies. Time and attendance systems have several features to help HR manage the entire paid leave process, saving time and increasing levels of accuracy.

Paid leave request tool

This enables employees to communicate effectively with their employers regarding the requesting and approving of paid leave within a controlled environment.

Paid leave calendar

This calendar is available throughout the company to show when employees are scheduled to take paid leave.

There are myriad advantages to having an efficient time and attendance system in place, and it’s perhaps the only way of being able to effectively manage an employee’s time spent while they are at work. Outsourcing payroll is the simplest way to ensure that you take full advantage of such a system, and payroll professionals will be well versed in how they can benefit a business with paid employees.

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