5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Content And Motivated

April 14, 2017

Having a workforce that is not only content, but motivated enough to be productive, can be a real profit booster for any company, large or small. Making your employees feel engaged with the company and valued as individuals, should see them less inclined to shirk their responsibilities or take days off unnecessarily. They may even work harder than they would if they felt that their efforts weren’t being appreciated, or that their employer didn’t really care about their welfare or needs as a member of staff.

There are some very simple yet effective ways of ensuring that you get the best from your workforce, and while some of them may seem glaringly obvious, they can be easy to forget when your efforts are centred around managing your business: 

1. Show your employees how you value and appreciate them 

It can be easy to forget that while you may employ a large team of staff, that team cannot be effective without the input of every individual. So, try to make a point of praising each team member when they fulfil their job to your satisfaction, and let them know that their efforts did not go unnoticed. If they go above and beyond the call of duty, then that certainly requires individual praise. 

Should an otherwise reliable and hard-working member of your team make a mistake, instead of berating them or docking their pay, show them how to avoid making that mistake in the future. If they continue to make the same mistake, then of course you may want to take further action, or completely retrain them in the position that they have been employed in.

2. Offer flexibility 

Many of your staff will have family or social obligations that they need/want to meet, and allowing them the option of taking time off when they need it and making it up another time, can be the difference between a happy worker and a disgruntled and demotivated one. 

Offering flexible work options, can mean that your employee’s make up their 40 hours while telecommuting, that their working week is compressed, or that they take extended leave time. Provided this is within reason and that your business doesn’t suffer as a result, then this could work in everyone’s favour and certainly keep your employees feeling trusted and personally content. 

3. Offer ‘Employee Benefits Insurance’ 

There is perhaps no better way of showing your employees how much you value them, than by affording them benefits insurance. Not only is it the perfect reward for your valued staff in that they can rest assured they and their families are protected, but it could even help you to attract the very best candidates for whatever positions you happen to be advertising for. 

4. Be fair with salaries and timely with pay 

Of course, you can only pay your employees what you can afford, but if you want to make them feel appreciated and valued, you must at least pay them fairly. Workers who are paid a meagre salary are far less likely to feel motivated to complete their work to the highest standard. After all, a higher salary could result in a higher profit for your company, if your staff are good at what they do and are motivated enough to go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Paying your employees in a timely fashion is crucial if you are to gain their loyalty and respect. Never forget that many people rely on their salaries being paid on a certain date, and this can result in serious financial complications for them if it does not occur regularly. If you struggle to achieve this, why not consider outsourcing your payroll? 

5. Communicate openly

Transparency between your management team and the employees on the shop floor so to speak, should be highly valued and achieved as best as is possible every day. Nothing says trust like shared information, and keeping things from your employees will only result in ill feeling and bitterness.

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