6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Payroll Provider

August 21, 2018

Retaining happy and satisfied employees is important for any employer, as without them, a business can quickly begin to suffer. Maintaining an efficient payroll system is one way in which you can certainly help to keep your workforce content, but this is only possible with the right payroll provider. Here are 6 questions that you should be asking a small business payroll provider before you sign up with them:

  • Is the system that you provide simple to use?

A complex payroll system is certain not to win over your employees and is just as likely to give you a headache, too. The data should be straightforward to input and just as easy to extract, too. Many modern payroll systems enable employees to input their information from multiple locations, meaning that the whole process is much easier to use.

  • Can your payroll systems be customized?

No two businesses are the same, and payroll systems should reflect this. The best payroll system should fit in with your company’s specific requirements and should be adaptable as your business grows and changes, too.

  • How effective is your customer service department in handling its’ customers?

A reliable and efficient customer service is paramount when you are using a payroll system that you may not be familiar with, and without swift and responsive action from their customer service team when you present them with a query, your business and your employees could soon begin to suffer. In fact, a good payroll system customer service team should become an integral part of your business if they’re to provide yu with everything that you need.

  • Can HR services be integrated with the payroll system

If a payroll provider can also give you HR services in the same system, then your workload becomes less intense, and data becomes easier to manage and keep track of. When employees are waiting to be paid, you want the entire process to be as simple and stress free as possible, so having an automated timekeeping solution that can track data accurately and integrate with your payroll system, is one way of improving employee satisfaction.

  • How secure will my sensitive information be?

Bad public image and loss of revenue are just two things that can occur when confidential employee information is compromised, so finding a payroll provider who can meet your security requirements is essential.

  • Can you show me your client recommendations and reviews?

Being able to see that a payroll provider has a proven track record can help you to make a sensible decision when searching for a service that will be reliable. Your small business must always be compliant with the law, and your employees need to be paid accurately and on time. Stay safe and choose a recommended service provider, even if it costs you a little more than other discounted providers.

Get payroll right, and it will quickly begin to show dividends for you, your employees and your business. Ask plenty of questions when choosing a service provider, and don’t be afraid to challenge them on points that you may not be clear on.

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